About us

Hi there! I’m Olivia, a book-loving urbanist getting her life experience in the concrete jungle called Manhattan. I forgot to mention that I’m also a student of University-Waterloo. Back then, my trade has been to detect the most raddest competitions, luring our family with gift cards, or much warmer propositions about a summer holiday. An experienced treasure hunter, you might say – only my treasure isn’t gold, but rather the excitement of winning and sharing the memories of my adventures with other people.

When I am not deep in textbooks or lectures, I spend several hours a day scouring the internet to keep an eye on the latest freebies and sweepstakes. I always like a good challenge, even if it’s just getting tickets to a sold-out performance or a fantastic vacation package; after all, who does not enjoy the fun of a chance to win something incredible?

Oh, and it’s not just about the prizes for me – I also love the experience! I enjoy sharing my experiences in the world of sweep stakes on my blog. Please note that I am also the owner of www.winonlinefreebies.com, which means you have a single source for sweepstakes, give aways, contests, and more ideas about how to win these cool prizes!

I’ve dedicated myself to winonlinefreebies.com and making sure you stay in the loop about the absolute hottest sweepstakes and contests online. Cash prizes, freebies, gift cards and much, much more, get your piece of the action. I waste hours of my time scouring the vast sea of possibilities to uncover only the most epic and real opportunities for great wins.

I’m here to be with you at every step of your journey, not only to throw a bunch of contests at you. I want you to be excited and positive each time you join a contest, so I’ve incorporated worthwhile information and ideas into each piece on the blog. From strategic directions, expert advice, to recommendations that can help you earn it big; every article on the websites has something to offer. Experienced player or brand new newbie, you have approaches, percentage points, and guidance that can increase your chances of success. So no matter how much you won in the past, just remember that you have a friend to back you on the impulsive trek of web contesting.

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